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Virtual Folders - Overview

Virtual Folder is a new feature that allows you to expose access to any sub-folder within your account via a web browser view.

Main features:
  • Create any number of "Virtual Folders" that map to a sub-folder of your account
  • The control panel will give you a unique URL for each Virtual Folder. You can copy this link to your website or include in an email.
  • The public can access the Virtual Folder via their web browser. All files and sub-folders that are associated with the Virtual Folder will be shown.
  • Access to the Virtual Folder can be un-restricted or limited by username/password, IP address and/or referrer url.
  • You can control what type of functionality is allowed to the public within your Virtual Folder. For example, creating folders, renaming, deleting, uploading new files, etc.
NOTE - Virtual Folders allow you to grant the public permissions to manipulate files in your account (if you allow). Please do not enable these permissions unless you are certain of the consequences. The public can potentially upload, delete and change files in your account.

How to use:
  • Virtual Folders are included with On Demand streaming accounts
  • From the main control panel, click on your On Demand streaming account from the service list, then click on the Virtual Folder item from service menu 
  • Create a new Virtual Folder or edit an existing one
  • Make sure a working folder is set to the Virtual Folder. You can change the folder that is set by clicking on the "account folder" column.  The Home/Root folder of your account is not allowed.
  • You can disable a Virtual Folder by clicking edit -> un-check "enabled" option

Virtual Folder Settings:

Enabled - Turn Virtual Folder on or off

Allow Progressive Download - Provide a link that will play file from web server

Allow File Download - Provide a link that will download file from web server

Allow Windows Media streaming - Provide a link that will play file from windows media streaming server (if file supports this)

Allow QuickTime streaming - Provide a link that will play file from QuickTime streaming server (if file supports this)

Allow Real streaming - Provide a link that will play file from Real Media streaming server (if file supports this)

Authorized Referrer Domains - Will block Virtual Folder from all users unless the last page the user visited matches the domain domain provided in this list. Enter one domain per line. Use this to only allow users that access the Virtual Folder from a specific web page.


Access Control Settings:

Allowed IPs - Will block Virtual Folder from all users unless the IP of the user is found in this list. Enter 1 IP per line. Partial IPs are allowed (i.e. "65.723" will allow a user with IP "65.723.54.7" to access the Virtual Folder )

Allowed User/Pass - Will block Virtual Folder from all users unless the user/password provided by the user is in this list. Enter 1 user/password per line ("user,password"). Separate user and password with "," (comma). For example "user1,pass1" would allow a username of "user1" with a password of "pass1"


File / Folder Permissions:

The following permissions are potentially dangerous as they will allow users to upload, delete, rename and move files and folders in your Virtual Folder. Do not allow any of these features unless you require them.

To use the options below, you must use at least one Access Control option above (Allow IP and/or user/password), otherwise the following options will not be allowed. This is to protect your account from being manipulated by the general public.

Allow Uploads - Allow users to upload files into the Virtual Folder

Allow Create Folder - Allow users to create folders

Allow Rename - Allow users to rename files and folders

Allow Move - Allow users to move files and folders

Allow Delete - Allow users to delete files and folders

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